horseshoe bay

Where to consider building a home in the Texas Hill Country

While no one could tell you the BEST place in Texas Hill Country for you to settle down, EVERYONE has an opinion. There are numerous cities within Texas Hill Country, and all of them offer residents the finest shopping, dining, access to schools, fishing, golf and a host of other activities and amenities. I was looking for custom home building books and came across a great ebook cover that caught my eye and did some more investigating to find the actual ebook. It all comes down to what YOU want, because you’ll certainly find it. Horseshoe Bay near Lake Lyndon B. Johnson is the perfect place to build a retirement or vacation home. The lake offers many water activities, boating being the most popular. Many exciting events are hosted in this city each year, too, and the well-known Horseshoe Bay Resort offers golf, a marina and a spa for ultimate relaxation whether you live there or you’re just visiting. The town is often used as a wedding venue and corporate retreat destination, so you never know just what – or who –  you might see in Horseshoe Bay. Continue reading Where to consider building a home in the Texas Hill Country